" If you're new to CrossFit call ahead and schedule a 1 on 1 initial training. Charlie is awesome and taught me all the proper forms! "

- Leah K.

" I've been to quite a few Crossfits, but I can honestly say that Crossfit Frostbite is the most humble, down-to-Earth gym that I've been to yet. The workouts are intense and results can quickly be seen with dedication and a push! The members are genuine and encouraging, as are the awesome trainers! The owner is dedicated to helping members get into the shape they want. The schedule and pricing is also better than most Crossfits you'll come across! I have closer CrossFits to my house but Frostbite is well worth the drive! "

- Jen M.

" Owner and trainer Charlie Riedel runs a clean well equipped box (gym for the newbies :) He is always ready with an alternate exercise... If you can't do 40 Straight Pull Ups get to the Ring Pulls, if you aren't allowed to Run 800M then get on the Rower. Crossfit Frostbite will fit your level, DON'T FEAR THE COLD! (See what I did there? Frostbite - cold). "

- Janet F.

" A friend who had worked at another gym with Charlie recommended Frostbite and I haven't looked back. "

- Jeremy C.

" I saw Groupon for Frostbite so looked at the FB posts. I mustered the courage to walk in one day and now I feel like I actually belong somewhere. "

- Geeta L.

" I left a different CrossFit gym because of price and a trainer. When a Groupon popped up for CrossFit Frostbite I decided to give it a try. I love everything about this place. "

- Ioana T.

" The workout was great!' The coach is great! The other people who attend were very encouraging and motivated!! I love it so far! "

- Brittany B.

" Great place to work out whether your just looking to tone and already in shape or your far removed from even remotely being in shape. Somehow everyone still works together doing the same movements and exercises tailored to fit your individual needs and no one gets left behind. "

- Josh P.