So what does a Frostbite membership get you?

The opportunity to train every single day of the week under the close supervision of an experienced strength and conditioning coach who is committed to you each time you walk in the door.

When you consider our membership fees, think about the following:

Our programs are very different from a typical gym membership. Our classes are kept small so you get the individual instruction, motivation, and when needed, scaled workouts to meet your ability levels.

The break down:

If you break down our monthly membership fees, our 1-month unlimited package averages to less than $7.00 per hour for coaching. You can’t get personal training anywhere for that rate.


Unlimited Group Sessions
Monthly Rate



     Family (2 Members)


          Each Additional Member






Limited Group Sessions

     3 Visits Per Week


     2 Visits Per Week


     Punch Card (10 Classes)


Show Us Your HAP Card

CrossFit Frostbite is partnering with Health Alliance Plan and offering a 20% percent discount off our unlimited membership rate for HAP members.

Additional Services

On-Boarding Class

     One-on-One Sessions

Please Call Us

Out-of-Town Drop-In

     Per Visit


     Per Week


Personal Training

     Single One-Hour Session

Please Call Us




     Wrist Bands


Your First Class Is Always Free!

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